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Product & Inventory Tracking

NPOS’s product and inventory management gives your control over your stock and sale. NPOS shows you under-selling products, reducing over-ordering by a quarter and alerts you about the stock running out before hand.

Advance Search & Reporting

According to research, retail faces 1.45% of shrinkage on average, 16% of which is due to internal errors. NPOS gives you full audit-controls and reporting, with advanced search and report exporting for your personal backups.

Customer Loyalty & App

Now offer your customers something extra with our loyalty module without paying anything extra. You can offer your own rewards and points, which drives repeat business and can help you grow your sales by 20%. NPOS even offers you your own customisable mobile application which you can offer to your customers as your own with your logo and all.

Robust Promotion & Deal Tool

NPOS helps you design any type of promotion or deal in a matter of minutes. With NPOS’s most extensive and powerful tool you are able to manage promotions and deals with multiple conditions and offers.

Voucher and Tax Handling

Much more than just a POS. NPOS offers a detailed voucher handling tools where not only you can create vouchers but can track them too.

Plus the Tax handling, why pay for an extra accounts tool or calculate tax for each product while you can make rules for bulk products and set rules priority.

Custom User Access and Roles

Generate staff reporting based on their performance and attendance. With clock in and clock out system now you can see the input of each employee and have monthly or quarterly reports on it on your Back Office.

NPOS offers you the most extensive customer user role and access tool available in the market. Control your employee’s access according to their abilities and security clearance with custom user creation tool.

Responsive Interface

Looks are important, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. NPOS is the first Point of sale to offer dark and light theme over multiple platforms for retail and hospitality businesses. Our designs are sleek, elegant, responsive and easy to use. It takes less than 15 minutes to learn “how to use NPOS?”.

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IPad 6th Gen: $329

IPad Air: $499

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POS Printer & Drawer

Select the print you would like with your NPOS, skip the step if you already have one. You can pick multiple options.

Star Micronics TSP143IIIU: $250

MPOP All in One Printer & Drawer: $600

Cash Drawer CB2002: $130


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Anti Theft Stand

Would like a anti theft stand with your IPad or Android Tab?

Windfall Stand: $140


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POS Barcode Scanners

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MPOP Scanner: $155

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner: 85

Wired Barcode Scanner: $20


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Payment Terminal

If you don't have a bank payment gateway you can select our trusted partners.

BBPOS: $60

Verifone P400: $300

Square Mobile Reader: $10

Square Reader for Contactless cards: $50

Square Reader with Dock: $80


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Frequently Asked Questions

We always here to help you out, take a look at some of the frequently asked questions. If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

How to get a NPOS Demo?

Our team is here to help you out and give you a personal trail of the system. To have a demo schedule a call with our team fill the form or send us an email at


How to generate custom reports against sale orders?

To use the NPOS’s advance search tool follow the easy steps below.

  1. Click on the advance search button on the sales/orders screen.
  2. You will have the list of filter you can use, set them as you want to customise the report.
  3. Once parameters are set click the search button the get the results. 
  4. Use the Generate Report button to the graph of the search data or select save as .csv to download a copy of the created report.

How customer loyalty feature works?

Depending upon your subscription NPOS Loyalty program offers a number of features and levels of setting.

  1. To set up a loyalty program first you need a customer base so add customers from the customer module or contact us for bulk upload.
  2. Then go to settings>order settings> Loyalty and set up the unit price for points and points for a unit of currency.
  3. Once done with the setup you can use your dashboard to award or redeem points.

How NPOS's Inventory syncing works?

NPOS keeps your data synced on every system in real-time. You can have two systems or two hundred NPOS syncs your data after every action so there is no room for error and the stats you see are always true to help you make the right decisions. Our data syncing is store wise so all the units in one store are synced while you can view all your stores updates on Back Office.

How to create conditional promotions using "Promotion Tool"?

NPOS’s promotional tool helps you create a promotion with multiple conditions and restrictions. To understand the promotional tool please take a look at the promotion tutorial.


How NPOS protects my data?

NPOS uses end to end encryption on every level of the application. NPOS uses High Level of authentication which is an EV certificate on our frontend while every bit of code and data is encrypted to give you the highest possible level of security and data protection. 

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