Over the last few years, majority of the businesses are moving towards digitization. But how does it affect the supply chain of a company.

Now organizations are adopting Industry 4.0 revolution. This adaptation of new revolution is bringing unprecedented advancements in procurement processes of supply chain. Supply chains over the glob can greatly benefit from digitization by becoming speed and cost effective. As a result, enhanced efficiency can lessen the time for carrying out strategic planning and decisions. Such digital transformation can aid increasing sales, eventually leading to improved profitability.


Furthermore, now organizations and suppliers are focusing on transparency along the supply chain network. As transparency will allow all the related people to be on the same track, having access to all the data. This accessibility enables people along the network to have instant perceptiveness of the supply chain operations. Current COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for businesses with traditional or out-of-date operating processes. Consequently, if for some unpredictable situations, some components of chain halts then it would be really difficult to track information and data in real-time. Moreover, using digital methods in the current pandemic conditions, can eradicate the need of meeting in person, supporting operations during pandemic and also after that.



Sallying forth to digitization can be cost incurring and take a lot of time for some organizations but it’s worth all the efforts. Nonetheless, it is crucial to find the technology that perfectly aligns with a company’s goals and strategies. Also, organizations should ensure that their employees are ready to use the integrated advanced technology skillfully.


As more businesses are adopting digitization, the competition among two companies of similar nature of products/service, is increasing. Also, as now that datasets are present on virtual platforms so the risk of cyber-attacks or threat to confidential information is on the rise. Therefore, businesses should ensure of having the right team to protect the crucial data from hackers and cyber-attackers.


In short, Digitization is the new successful competitive advantage for many businesses. Nevertheless, digitally transforming the supply chain network is really crucial for businesses. As it can eliminate the threat of being left behind in this technologically progressing world. Organizations can take two big advantages from digitization: cost-cutting and timesaving.