As the world continues to evolve, technology takes over all spheres of life. It has become a part of our daily lives, and has a significant presence at the workplace. Automation has made the lives of retail workforce rather tough. While we see workers becoming more efficient with modern technology, the same technology is capable of replacing them.

Manufacturing under Automation

Manufacturers face a tricky situation where they have the option of reducing their workforce under automation. As a result, which will consequently reduce their costs. However these workers might have been working for them for a long period of time, removing them could be considered morally incorrect. On the other hand training these workers on new technologies and automation might be expensive too. There is a need to strike a balance where workers’ well being is considered. But not at the expense of manufacturer’s profits.


Future of Auto Retail Workers

In the modern day of age it is important for the workers to remain flexible. They should be willing to undergo every training required in order to upgrade their skills. Also, they should be comfortable in using all the machinery and equipment post automation. Workers should try to get assurance from their employers regarding their job security, they should insist on adding clauses in their contract which could protect them from the worse impact of automation.

Benefits of Automation at workplace

There is improved security and safety with automation given there is a reduced risk of human error. It often results in better product quality since the element of fatigue does not come into play. Also, they can provide the same quality of product on a consistent basis. If all the repetition tasks are taken away from workers this would mean the workers could actually put all their efforts in the creative side of the job.